Construction zones ahead!

This will be short and sweet tonight…I didn’t have an opportunity to post anything this morning since we jumped in the car early to head toward Branson, Missouri. We traveled over 600 miles in some 11 hours…and saw the temperature outside increase by some thirty degrees…yahoo!

We did have the benefit of adding to our list of the number of construction zones we were priviliged to encounter. The old addage stays true for the Daveys…the shortest distance between two points goes through construction.

But, isn’t that true of our lives? Isn’t life full of construction zones….times in our lives where we are being stretched and prepared for something more, something new. We have two options when we go through these zones. We can be excited for the results, a new smooth pavement in our lives or we can yell and scream about the slowdown! Choose wisely guys!

And I am certain that God, who began his good work within you, will carry it until it is finally finished… Philippians 1:6

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