Doing my talking on the field

Well, I got up early this morning which seems to be the norm for me. I enjoy the peace and quiet of the early morning before all the hectic activity of the day begins. I get a chance to hang out with God and simply focus my heart and center my thoughts.

By the way, the weather forecast for Grand Rapids today is a chance of snow mixed with rain. It certainly is playing havoc with my son-in-law, Chris and me hitting the golf course. (If it gets above 40 degrees and there isn’t any snow…we might give it a shot…I know, we are crazy!)

I just finished the book of Daniel in my reading. I really enjoy this incredible story of a guy who was in a foreign land trying to be faithful to his God. He seemed to stay in a place of influence in spite of the transfer of power in that kingdom. And, it didn’t come from being a wimp. He actually spoke some really tough truth to the kings of Babylon and Persia.

The cool thing about Daniel is that “he did his talking on the field.” Have you heard that phrase before? Football players and other sport’s dudes like to say that during their interviews before the big game. The point is to not try to convince someone how great you are by your lofty words of self praise but to simply play the game as hard and as well as you can.

I think Daniel did that. He didn’t try to talk people into believing in God but simply let God do the talking through His work in and through Daniel and his friends. That came in the form of interpreting dreams, closing the mouth of lions, protection in hot places, eating food, and just every day stuff. And the result was that he and his friends were able to impact the culture around them.

I wonder what it would look like for you and me to do the same thing. We may not have to worry about lions and furnaces but we do live in a foreign culture that is pretty resistant to God. What would it look like if we simply lived our faith openly and honestly, without pushing it down some one’s throat or trying to convince them we had all the answers? I bet you God would show up in our actions and words and our culture would be impacted! And here’s the cool part…lives would be changed!

I am going to try to live that out today…maybe while I hit a little white ball…or throw a snowball…

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