Get a Life!

Its been quite a 24 hours! I haven’t even had time to post today due to all the frenetic activity. We headed this morning to my dad’s church up in Benton Harbor, Michigan where I was asked to surprise him as their guest speaker. It was pastor appreciation day and I had the privilege of sharing some of my thoughts about my dad the pastor! So, we traveled three hours north to share these moments with them.

It was a great seeing the surprise on his face when I walked in as the “special” speaker! Following the service, we pigged out at a good ol’ fashioned pot luck. Then, we drove down to home of Mary’s brother and family in Elkhart, Indiana. Richard grilled up some delicious steaks for supper. While my stomach recuperates from excessive food intake, I thought I would sit down to get you up to date.

After I had checked into a hotel the night before, I discovered that someone had somehow used our debit/credit card and had been racking up expenses on our bank account. My first clue was when I went on line and saw purchases in McCallum, Texas. It’s tough to go to Walmart in Texas when you are 1000 miles away in Michigan. I might occasionally get a hankering late at night to wander the isles of the store that never sleeps but I don’t think I would ever drive that far!

So, I spent an hour on the phone with our friendly neighborhood debit card lady trying to put a hold on the card before further damage could be done. We had a pleasant conversation as she verified my information and consoled me concerning my rotten luck. You will be happy to know that I didn’t once cry although I may have whimpered a bit. I am totally unsure how this person could use a fake card to get all this done but I will try to pay more attention to those identity theft commercials from now on.

Here’s the thing I am reflecting on: I am pretty confident of my own identity…I know I am Fred and Retha’s son and I was raised to understand the love of God and the love of others. I am married to an incredible woman who has completed my life in so many ways and together and we have three terrific kids. I have two additional kids now that two of my kids are married and it looks like I will someday add another son-in-law. Oh yeah, on Saturday morning, Jonathan asked if he could marry our daughter. I told him “no” of course…OK, I told him we would be thrilled! Whew, life just keeps getting crazier!

All, in all, I am happy with who I am. I like me! I now have some folks out there who want to be me…at least when it comes to my limited funds. Don’t they like themselves? Aren’t they content with what is already in their lives? Why do they feel the necessity to try to steal a part of my life? Obviously, they have not discovered the richness of life of just being them, beautiful and unique creations made in the image of God!

So, if you are out there and you are wandering around Texas with a fake card in your hand looking for a Walmart, I have a simple message for you: Get a life! And, why not make it your own!!

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