Hanging out

Today, we leave for Anderson, Indiana for a short little overnight trip. A bridal shower is being hosted for my nephew,Ben and his fiance, Felicia. They are getting married at Thanksgiving and will soon be returning to China where they both serve on staff with Campus Crusade.

Yesterday, our youngest daughter Mindy and her boyfriend Jonathan came up from Anderson to be with us. So, we had a houseful. Jonathan, by the way, has earned the status of me addressing him by his first name. A few months ago, he was still “that boy” in my book.

Of course that was a great excuse for us to order pizza. It has been several days since my last pizza fix and I think my arteries were crying out for some colesteral. Plus, we got to have Jets pizza which is probably the best pizza in Michigan (and maybe the known world!) They serve unique pizzas like a much loved BLT.

My son-in-law Chris and I did make it out on the golf course by the way! I know that it was truly crazy when I noted that we were the only ones on the course. I think even the critters decided to stay inside. Actually, there was a break in the weather front and the sun came out and the temperature peaked at a whopping 46 degrees! It was a heat wave!

I am learning to take advantage of these moments by the way. I got a chance to speak to Chris one on one and to kind of see where he is in his faith walk. I got a chance to talk to Jonathan (who Mindy really digs) about his life and his journey. I get a chance today to be with my side of the family and to support and love on Ben and Felicia. I get a chance to embrace the moments and dive into relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, when family is together there is always opportunity for tension. And yesterday, we had our share. The point is that we are getting better at identifying what is happening and addressing it quickly and moving on! Again, the key is being intentional! Will we embrace the moment and squeeze the life out of it? Hmmm…I will ponder that one as I dream of my next pizza and golf fix!

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