Life mulligans

I spent my first Saturday morning here in Phoenix on the golf course… I had never played golf west of Kansas. I realized that “I am not in Kansas any more, Toto!” Thanks to the graciousness of my buddy Frank Seeker I had a great time and didn’t embarrass myself too much! And the weather…wow! Even I had played really poorly, playing in 85 degree weather in late October, ain’t so bad!

I loved meeting Scott, one of Frank’s golfing buddies and a guy who was added to our little group named Jay. In talking with Jay, I discovered more about his life in the valley for the past 35 years. I am intrigued by folks who are transplanted here versus those who are natives. I guess if you have been here as long as Jay, you would qualify for permanent status. Jay came here back in the day from Washington state and recently celebrated his 26th year in marriage. He seemed apologetic for this being his second wife but I tried to celebrate his current achievement.

One of the things that I appreciate about God is that He is the God of second chances. He isn’t thrilled with divorce due to all the brokenness is causes in lives and relationships. However, He still gives other opportunities to learn from those life mistakes and try again. It is really cool to see how God can redeem lives, redeem relationships, and even redeem church communities. I am thankful that God has a plan B (and sometimes a plan C and D) when it comes to His children.

I continue to learn a great deal about second chances, even on the golf courses. I was even able to meet a few extra people retrieving a few errant golf balls in folk’s backyards. I just figured I was supposed to have a few new connections!

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