Life Snot

Today, I woke up to another beautiful day in “the valley.” I am planning on taking the day to simply go and explore this great city. My wife and I are trying to get acclimated to life here in Phoenix. We continue to be amazed that we are here when prior to this time we haven’t lived farther west than Kansas City, which is about 1200 miles east of here. I am sure the novelty will eventually pass but for now our jaws continue to drag the ground with each new thing we see.

So, I was getting my thoughts focused on the day and considering the way God works, when I found myself over by the sink washing a pan. I am not really sure what drew me there but I was working the soap and the rag over the remnants of chili. I guess I am the type of person that has to keep his hands busy even when I am deep in thought. And, there is something strangely encouraging about washing something and seeing it become clean right before your eyes. That is why I like to do laundry as well…I like to see the completed project.

When I am washing out a pan, it takes a little bit of “elbow grease” along with the sponge soaked with cleaning solution. The soap may be cutting the built up grease and food stuff left behind. By the way, what should we call that stuff left behind? What about “food snot?” Just a thought. Anyway, if you clean that stuff off sooner rather than later, it doesn’t take as long to clean it. Or, if you at least let it soak in soapy water, it becomes easier. If you wait a few days, it is very difficult to clean.

That feels a whole lot like real life to me. If I deal with the crud quickly, refusing to let it build up, I see how easy it is to clean up the stuff of life. Especially, this is true when I use the right cleansing solution. I still have to do the work of facing those issues head on, but its cool to know that Jesus easily and quickly dispatches the “life snot.”

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