Missing the Game

Yesterday, Mary and I were able to wander the city of Phoenix. It was great! We loved going downtown and just moving from place to place without any real agenda. Later in the evening, I wanted to go to a high school football game. So I went across town to the high school only to discover there wasn’t a game. My first clue was the lights were out on the field. Second clue was the lack of cars in the lot. But, not to be outdone, I wandered behind the school just in case there was an additional field or in case all the participants and spectators were simply hiding in the dark from the new guy in town.

I found out later that the game had taken place the night before. The question that came back to me was this: Are we missing the game? Are we getting there too late? So, my lesson was to get my facts straight and make sure I know when the game actually takes place. I think we all ought to do that when it comes to this thing called “living.”

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