Stretching toward the sky

Sunday mornings! I love waking up early and simply listening to the quiet! It’s great! Just hanging out with God and the rush of thoughts He brings my way. Josh and Bethany live in a cool second floor apartment on the north side of Chicago. They have this fantastic front window that allows the beautiful scenery from the outside to get in and those on the inside to look out!

There is a huge tree just outside their window that is majestic and stately. Its branches spread wide to shade those under it. My days back in elementary school when I had to collect leaves from various species remind me that it is a maple tree. The branches have all kinds of crooks and bends as this tree grows toward the sky. There doesn’t appear to be any straight lines whatsoever in that tree but that doesn’t steal away its beauty. In fact, it enhances it.

I think that tree is similar to a life that is full and rich. If we are the kind of people who are seeking God constantly in our lives, we will spread out into various directions, learning what we can from all kinds of people, all kinds of experiences. The benefit of us growing and stretching will not be only for us, but for others. They will be able to bask in the shade of how we grow. There won’t be too many straight lines either since life will take us in all kinds of directions; regardless we will grow toward His light.

So, how are you growing? Where is God stretching you today?

“They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.” Psalms 1:3

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