Sunrises and Sunsets

I woke up this morning to an incredible sunrise! I am looking toward the east past the peaks and seeing the vibrant colors of oranges, reds, blues and yellows. Last night on the way home, the sunset to the west was even more spectacular! It took my breath away as I drove and I understood what folks had told me about the sunsets when it is a little cloudy outside. I know how completely egocentric it sounds but my thoughts were how God made all of that just for me!

Sunrise and Sunset…that sounds like a song from a Broadway musical doesn’t it? In fact, it is. It is one of the songs in the musical “Fiddler on the Roof,” one of my favs. I was able to take my daughter, Mindy to that musical a few years ago which was doubly meaningful since Tevye was singing this song based on the changes that were occurring in his own life as his daughters were getting married.

Looking at my youngest daughter, I was caught up in some of the same kind of emotions as this stage father as I realized that I couldn’t stop the hands of the clock. I have tried for years to remind my daughters that boys are scum as an attempt to make this happen but alas, I have failed! They have met guys and have fallen in love (thankfully to two of least scummy guys I have ever met…in fact, they aren’t too bad at all but don’t tell them I said that! I still want to keep some intimidation on my side.)

Tevye was not a huge fan of these changes and clung to the idea of tradition. Part of what he was clinging to was the certainty that came from his regular pattern of living. He was unwilling to see the upheaval in his life as his daughters grew up. Part of what he was afraid of were the changes occurring to his native land of Russia. Sunrises and sunsets were reminders that time continues to march on and you either have to embrace change and go with it and learn from it or become embittered by it and be swept under it.

I personally love sunrises and sunsets, beginnings and ends of the day. They are so beautiful here in Arizona! They are wonderful reminders to me of new beginnings but they could easily be painful reminders of my life flowing away from me. I get to choose my perspective! So do you! Each new sunrise and sunset has something new and wonderful to offer. Grab hold of it!!

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