The fine art of decorating

So, I am sitting in my office here at North Hills in Phoenix for the first time. It is Monday morning and I am looking at a bunch of boxes filled with books and wondering what move to make first! Of course, I am not simply talking about emptying boxes and figuring out office protocol and understanding the flow of paper work. I am talking about this new day, this new chapter in our lives!

I am not a very good decorator by the way. I don’t visualize a space and figure out easily what colors go with which colors and what looks fashionable. I am more of a functional kind of guy and tend to see things more in geometric configurations versus ambiance and style. That is why I count on my wife Mary when setting up my office. She will help me hang pictures in just the right spots and position furniture in just the right space. She always has a few good ideas and can make the place feel more inviting and “homey.”

She will come over later and give me a feel for what works best! I will give my two cents but ultimately will rely on her sense of decor. She will help me make the place feel ready for folks to feel at home when they enter this space while at the same time making it feel like “Jim’s space.” It’s a fine art and I am glad to have her as a partner.

I think this whole idea of decorating also applies to our lives. In a sense, we are all trying to fill the walls of our lives with images that reflect who we really are and yet also invites others in. The problem is that we sometimes get that twisted and fill our lives with false images that don’t really reflect us but are simply ploys to try to lure others to us. We become something we are not. We project something that is false simply to fit in or to get noticed or to be attractive.

It’s a fine art to actually simply be “us” and allow others into that picture of who we are and to recognize that this is enough. Our partner in this venture is God who “created us in His image” (Genesis 1-2), and wants to help us shape our lives to embrace our true image. He is there to help us embrace all the worth and beauty our lives were intended to display. Ultimately, that will also be something others will want to embrace as well!

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