Unstuck in traffic

We made it to Chicago…we are already enjoying my son and his wife, Bethany! To get to their beautiful new appartment, we had to drive through the infamous Chi town traffic. It is difficult to be patient when you are trying to get some place that you really want to go. And, when you are in a makeshift parking lot that someone laughingly calls a highway, it pushes all your buttons!!

I have to be honest here and admit that I have never been an extremely patient person. I am the kind of guy that generally on trips wants to simply “arrive.” Rest stops and “potty” breaks were seen as distractions to avoid and interruptions to get past as quickly as possible. And when there are obstacles in my way, I can get a bit frustrated. I am working on this aspect of my personality but admittedly I am a work in progress.

To help me with this growth, I am trying on recent trips to simply “stop and smell the roses.” So, to encourage that, I am trying to stop whenever there is a “need” or even just a “want.” That can be a simple as “stretching our legs” or “getting a cup of coffee.”

I also am trying to practice this in the every day journey of life. For me that means taking a second look. In other words, to really take notice of what is all around me. It is wild what you see that was always there but missed somehow. You might even be able to make a connection on a busy highway by simply letting them slide in front of you in the line.

It is amazing the conversations you have with people when you take the extra time to look them in the eye and simply engage them in a few extra questions! Well, I will see how this works and keep you posted on my progress! My new motto is “Seize the Day” (Carpe Diem). So I better get off this machine and get at it!!

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