Wherever you go, there you are!

Traveling around a new city can be challenging. I have become somewhat dependent on my Garmin GPS. We got a Garmin this summer on a trip back in the midwest…it took us awhile to get one which is surprising when you consider that I personally know the co-founder of Garmin, a wonderful man named Gary Burrell. He is the “Gar” in the name Garmin. He and incredible family went to our church in Olathe, Kansas, which had its headquarters in Olathe.

In some areas, it takes me awhile to jump on the bandwagon. I guess I was satisfied with map quest or google maps or my own sense of direction and didn’t see the need. I wasn’t ready to make the investment in this kind of directional system. But, once I took the plunge, I have really grown to appreciate and depend on our Garmin unit. We even have affectionally named “her” Carmen.

Notice the use of the feminine pronoun. The voice of our Garmin is definitely female. I have switched between a British accent and an Australian accent but I have stuck with the feminine voice. I guess I am used to women telling me what to do and where to go! That’s a joke by the way…in case my wife is reading this today!

Its funny but Carmen doesn’t always choose the path that I think is best. When that happens, she can get a bit insistent. She will “recalculate” to try to get me back on the pathway that she has chosen. We sometimes will have arguments (this probably says a whole bunch about my own issues). I wonder what others in cars around me think about me talking loudly to this piece of machinery.

The other day, Carmen decided to take me off a main drag, through a neighborhood, around in a complete circle because she didn’t think we could make a left U-turn. It seemed like a waste of time to me so today I shut Garmin down and blazed my own trail complete with a U-turn (legal of course) saving at least two to three minutes. I did it all on my own! Wow, what a rush!!

So, here’s the question: Who is directing our lives? How do we decide which way to turn, which way to go? Are we listening to outside voices telling us what is right for us or are we depending on our own sense of direction or maybe we could try one other source. What about allowing God to be an internal GPS helping us make the right turns, leading us to people he wants us to connect with, discovering adventure we didn’t know was there. If He is truly in our lives, then we can trust our hearts and trust that He is there in every choice and every decision. He will help with His little nudges here and there but mainly we can be confident that God is with us wherever we go!

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