Winning isn’t everything…it’s the only thing!

I am sitting in Panera in grand rapids writing this post on my iPod. Isn’t technology great?

You won’t believe how beautiful the fall colors are here in Michigan! The reds and oranges and yellows of the trees are spectacular. It looks like the master artist had some fun the last few weeks. It is breath taking!

Last night Mary and Jessica and me played yahtzee and talked and laughed. Our fam loves to play games together. I have to admit I am a tiny bit competitive. OK, maybe a bunch! So of course I want to win this silly game of chance. (in case you were wondering I won 2 out 3 games…not that this is important of course). Mary and Jess were more interested in simply talking and connecting. Obviously they were missing the point!

OK, maybe I should reevaluate…perhaps I should consider all the crazy beauty around me in the forms of nature and people. I still dig winning but I will try to balance it all out…at least till the next game!

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