Breakfast of champions

Its Sunday morning! I love Sundays since it is my opportunity to join in worship with others. I get up early and eat my Wheaties (the breakfast of champions) and get ready for connections with God and others. It’s pretty cool!

Some people have serious questions about the focus of church and if it is even important to “come to church.” I get that! At times, we have made it all about Sundays and have neglected what it looks like to live the other six days of the week. We have coerced and prodded people to be “at church” on Sundays but have not given them a true understanding of why.

Notice I put quotation marks around certain words; I did that because I think they have added to the confusion. Church has become synonymous with a worship service and that was never supposed to happen. But, because it has happened it has lessened the meaning of both. Here’s what I mean. Church is the people, first of all. That is more than a catch phrase or a clever saying on a cereal box top. The Church is the family, a faith community, that is formed because of what Jesus did. He is the head of our family!

So, if we could get that, I mean really get it, then we would then understand that it is a whole lot more important that we take the Church (us) to the people versus bringing people to the church (a building). But, what does that do to weekly worship services? Should we all just forget all about that? I could use a day to sleep in!

I don’t think so. In fact, if we are the Church, then worship services are absolutely essential (whether they take place on Sunday mornings, Saturday nights, or whenever.)

First, worship services are important because we get to do for God what He can’t do for himself; we get to worship Him and even though I can do that by myself, there is something powerful about joining with other followers of Christ in authentic worship. Secondly, they are important because I need to connect in community with others on a similar journey. Thirdly, they are important because I also need to be prepared to live effectively the rest of the week as part of the Church; I get my missional marching orders; after all, the Church exists for the world. Fourthly, they are important since it gives an opportunity for life change to occur in me and others in various stages of our journey as we gather and dive into His word together. We are all seekers after all!

So, I am ready to “be” the Church and I am ready to “go” to worship. Bring it on God!

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