Dancing in the rain!

It rained yesterday! Yahoo! The reason I am excited is because I haven’t seen precipitation for the first month of our time here in Phoenix. I was ready to go run outside and dance and sing. Thankfully for the neighbors and my wife, I realized quickly that I am not exactly Gene Kelly and stopped myself short of the door! However, maybe I missed something important by playing it safe and staying in doors. I wonder!

The rain was so refreshing! I love the way the rain covered the ground, the roads, the rocks… everything! And the smell! I don’t think there are many smells quite as alluring as that scent. There is a quality of rain that just screams… new beginning!

I guess its tough sometimes to think about new beginnings on Monday mornings. On these days, if you are like me, it is tough enough to get out of bed and start the new week. this is especially true after a holiday weekend. But, the rain is a reminder to us of what God is trying to create today, something new in our lives. The question is whether or not we will open ourselves to it.

So, pull on your dancing shoes and go for it! Find a few puddles to jump in! You won’t know what you are missing till you do!

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