Give it up for God!

Sunday mornings! For some its a time for sleeping in or catching up on chores or taking a walk or playing some golf. It means a whole lot of different things for different folks. For me, it has meant an opportunity to give God the one thing He can’t give himself: worship! We get to tell God “you are the man!”

Worship can happen a whole lot of different places other than church by the way. You can worship while driving! (Although when that guys cuts you off in traffic, the words that come to your mind or mouth may hamper your focus!) You can worship while staring at one of the beautiful sunsets we have out here in the valley! You can worship on the golf course even (but watch out again what happens when you slice into the neighbor’s patio furniture.)

The cool part about Sundays for me is the chance to join with others in worship. We get a chance to tell God how great He is! And there is something special about doing that with others, some who are in relationship with God and some who God is wooing to himself. It may happen on Saturday nights or Sundays or some other time of the week but it is awesome to set aside time to worship Him together! And, to think that all over the world, in different little corners of the globe it is happening in different ways, languages, and times is totally mind boggling!

There is an obvious balance here by the way. Worship itself should be a lifestyle. Our lives should be an act of worship in how we serve God and others every single moment of each day. So, that means we can worship in obscure places like food kitchens and mountain peaks and at football games and in our back yards hanging Christmas lights! But, we also worship in a unique way when we come together! I get a chance once more to simply focus on God and pile on the praise! Cool beans!

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