Hablo Español!

What a great day yesterday serving folks that were disconnected or homeless or away from family! It was really cool seeing how we became family for just a short time. I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving day!! And, it was a great meal to boot. One of my favorite moments was hanging out with a hispanic family trying to communicate with them in my “broken English.” That is right, I said my broken English, since I hemmed and hawed and tried to add a little accent hoping that it would make my words more understandable. Instead, I think it just made me sound weird!

Which brings up a hot issue for me. I am totally frustrated that I didn’t learn other languages, especially Spanish when I was younger. Now, at my age, it is hard stuff! I am thinking of buying the rosetta stone language learning kit. I heard it was the best!

Why is it that half the world speaks more than one language and let a whole bunch of us folks know only one and some of us (namely me) have trouble with that one? I have been totally ego centric and narrow minded in saying things like, “English is our main language here and “foreigners” should learn our language.” Why do I as an American act like we are the “best” and everyone in the world should adapt to us?

It is interesting that I have met kids in other countries who have practically nothing and yet they know English and work hard to communicate with me in “my” language. As a Christ follower, shouldn’t my goal be to communicate with them on their level, in their language, striving to get their culture?

I know it is tough to teach an old dog new tricks, but here goes! I am going for it no matter how long and how hard it is! Whew, it may look ugly for awhile and I will get some laughs from folks as I butcher their language. Why not, I am already messing up my own!

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