I don’t have a leg to stand on!

My wife has a two legged end table. During the move something happened to this little table and one of the legs broke away. What do you do with a two legged table? There isn’t a whole lot you can do really. You can try to set the legless part of the table against the wall to see if it can support something like say Kleenex or a very thin magazine or a single flower without the vase.

Basically, you will only be able to set something light on it. Or, you can simply put it some place as a conversation piece. “Wow, you have a two legged table? What do you use it for?” “Absolutely nothing… but hasn’t it stirred up some find conversation? More coffee?”

The only reasonable thing to do is to repair the broken leg. If we fail to do this, then there is only one more thing that the table is good for: fire wood! I was thinking about this little table and realized it is an example of our lives. Some of us are living life like a two legged table (and even a one legged table in some cases.)

Maybe we try it by simply creating a relationship with God apart from a relationship with others. “it’s you and me against the world, God!” We figure we really don’t need significant relationships with people. Others of us are trying it by putting people in our lives apart from God. We figure those folks will complete what we are missing. Both are trying to live life like a two legged table. Your life can’t support any weight and eventually it will all come crashing to the ground.

We were created for relationship with God and people. That is why in the garden, God said “It is not good for man to be alone.” And then he created more peeps! God said those words even though Adam already had a relationship with God. God was saying that we need “three legged table” lives! We need to dive down deep in relationship with Him and in relationship with others. One feeds the other!

It may be time to find some wood glue…

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