A close shave

I shaved this morning. It is something I do practically every day. It is part of my normal routine. I get up. I shower and get ready for the day. But, I before I hit the shower, I will shave. Shaving is something I have done for years. I can still remember the first time I was able to shave. Of course, it was nothing more than a little peach fuzz but it felt good! I felt manly! I felt that I had arrived!

When I shave, I like to use one of those triple blades because I want to get as close as possible. I slap on the shaving cream that comes out like a lotion and foams up on your hands or cheeks. I have a goatee so I shape the shave around my nose and mouth and neck. At times, I get a little too close and nick myself. Not a fun time. But, it hasn’t kept me from shaving since I like how I feel and look after I shave!

So, why am i talking about shaving today? I think it parallels my life with God. I want Him to be part of my normal routine. I could go without God for a day and yet immediately the “life stubble” begins to appear. I need to apply Him to every situation since He helps me feel and look the way He designed me to be. I want to spend time daily talking to Him in order to keep my life in shape. Sometimes, when God is working in my life, He reveals something that cuts me to the core. I bleed a little. But, it is worth it since He is only revealing something that is keeping me from the closeness He wants to have with me.

So, I will keep shaving. And, I will keep God close! Both work for me!

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