Carpe Diem

I want to go on record by saying that sleeping in is very cool! When I was younger that meant sleeping till almost noon. Today, that means sleeping till 7 am. So, it is not the same but it is still fun to have a “day off” when you don’t specifically have to follow a set schedule. I enjoyed not having to get up and rush off to someplace.

I do have some things I have scheduled today. I have a golf date and we are going to the symphony later tonight and I have a plan to go to lunch with some of our office staff and I am about to go work out…. OK, I guess it isn’t like I am doing “nothing” all day. Those days are fun too and occasionally I get them: Days to relax and schedule nothing!

I am probably a bit too driven to not do anything. I begin to feel like I am “wasting” my time. I want to be productive. There is a balancing act to all of this of course. Play is important! Sometimes that means organizing play by setting up a time with friends and sometimes that means simply spontaneously letting it happen. If we fall on one side too far, we are in danger of missing it!

There is an old saying Carpe Diem or Seize the Day! I think that this is the key. You have to enjoy life and squeeze the life out of it. This is not neurotically running here and there afraid to not be busy nor loafing around without any sense of direction or meaning. Find the middle of these two and you will enjoy the moments whether planned or unplanned!

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