Chain saws and Jesus

Yesterday morning, I was heading toward a work out at my gym. I hadn’t been for awhile and since I had the morning off, I was looking forward to the time. My muscles needed a good work out and it always stimulates my mind.

As I was preparing to back out of my driveway, I looked across the street at our new neighbor’s house. Chrissy, a single mom in her 20’s, had one of her Mesquite trees fall during the wind/rain storm on Monday night. She had been trying to take her tree down with an old pair of tree cutters and told me she had borrowed a chain saw. She was taking her daughter, Cantrel to school and said she was going to work on the tree a little later.

I let her know that I would love to help her… tomorrow! I didn’t have time right then of course. I had a schedule to keep. So, I took off. On the way to the gym, I had one of those one way conversations. You know what I am talking about? It is God working on my spirit and yet I am exploding with all the reasons I needed to keep moving. “I was busy.” “I only have literally about an hour and a half before I had to be at something that I couldn’t miss.” “If I go back there, she probably won’t even be there.” “I am going to help her anyway tomorrow.” I was bombarding him with my excuses until finally I stopped talking and simply turned my car around.

Amazingly, I pulled into my drive about 30 seconds before Chrissy pulled into her driveway. So, for the next hour and half, I cut down her tree, stacked her branches and ended by pulling up her old stump. It was a pretty good workout! (Okay, I know what you are thinking… Give me a break!)

My lesson that day was clear. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you could be doing today to spread a little of God’s grace around. Tomorrow, the opportunity may not be there!

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