Christmas hangover

“It is the morning after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring not even a mouse…” Except of course the mouse of my computer. Actually, I have a touch pad so that doesn’t count either. It is totally quiet in the my son and daughter-in-law’s apartment right now as I type away. Everyone is taking advantage of a good long snooze.

I am reflecting on Christmas day! What a great time with our kids! I am still feeling the euphoria of the day as I stare out on a cold Chicago morning and watch the snow fly! There is a cool huge oak tree right outside the window that has more twists and turns than a highway through the mountains. Great character in those limbs!

Usually, there is a pretty significant let down after Christmas. The big anticipated day has come and gone. The presents are unwrapped, the cookies have been eaten, the songs have been sung, the movies have been watched. It is over! The day after Christmas begins the arduous task of taking back duplicate gifts or clothes that don’t fit or just plain weird items from Aunt Edna. What do you do with a 25 foot scarf or a sweater with her picture embroidered on it?

Today, we at times experience the “Christmas hangover.” And, I am not talking the overuse of alcohol. I am talking about the lingering feeling that occurs when we get past the “big day.” There is a natural let down, a sense that the anticipation was better than the actual event.

Why does that happen? How does that take place? And, is there anyway to avoid it? Here is what I am learning and why I am sitting today on the couch with a big toothy grin on my face. In times past, I would look forward to “special days” like Christmas with an almost unhealthy excitement that would naturally lead to disappointment when the real deal occurred. Now, I think I may have learned a secret to avoid Christmas hangover (at least to lesson it).

I try to remind myself to squeeze the life out of each moment. That way every moment becomes a special moment. I am not talking a Hallmark card commercial by the way. I am not suggesting every moment will be a good one with a happy ending. I am discovering that there is something unique I need to grab out of right now! That doesn’t mean that I won’t have big events I will await with growing excitement. It does mean I can have the best of both worlds; I can be excited about the “big days” and “little moments.” It gives my life a little more balance and keeps me from some of the yucky aftermath.

Merry day after Christmas!

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