Mary and I spent last night addressing Christmas cards and writing a Christmas letter. We hadn’t done cards of any kind for at least four or five years. It is exhausting work! My assignment was to write the letter which I did mid the cooking of chicken on the grill. I had some recurring trouble with my printer that added to the tedious nature of the job! However, it was an incredible evening and I was able to get the following shot from off of our balcony:

I had to include it in our Christmas letter! It was a reminder to me one of the many reasons I feel blessed to live here. I don’t know what it is about sunsets but they continue to take my breath away. I think the colors are what really impress me. God has taken his canvas and painted a picture that we can only try to imitate! At best, we can only come as close as our limited eyes and our limited cameras can take us.

Colors! I am so thankful that God gave us colors. There are animals on this planet that can’t see colors and yet we were given the privilege of seeing all the vibrancy of reds, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, purples and all the various shades in between. But, I think we only see the colors in limited ways. I wonder what it would be like to see the colors in the way God sees them?

I think that is true about our lives. I was writing our Christmas letter, recalling all the great things God has done for us. I looked back at former blogs and realized how incredible the journey has been. God has shown up in some big ways. But, I am confident I am seeing his handiwork with the limitations of my space, my time, by humanness. His colors are more vibrantly exploding in my life than I can tell! I am sure the light show from God’s perspective would be more than I could handle! Way to go God! Keep painting!!

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