Gift receiving!

Merry Christmas! It is 6 in the morning and we are hanging out at Sky Harbor Airport waiting for our flight to Chicago to take off. I have to admit getting up at 4 am on Christmas after a whopping four hours of sleep is pretty challenging! I think I need a few toothpicks to keep my eyes open. But, it is worth it! We are on our way to see our kids! Yahoo!!

I am blown away by the generosity of a couple of new friends who got up super early this morning to get us to the airport. They said they wanted to be the “wind beneath our wings.” At first, I declined their kind offer. We could use the long term parking and be just fine. Of course, we would have to pay a pretty good sum and we would have to arrive even earlier and take a shuttle bus into the terminal and we haven’t flown out of this airport much and didn’t know our way around yet. But… all my excuses finally melted away. Instead, we had “better than taxi” service from our door to the check in area. Awesome!

For some reason, I have trouble accepting gifts. I love giving gifts but at times I struggle to accept them graciously. It took several attempts by this couple assuring me that they would love to encourage us in this way before I finally relented and said “yes.” I didn’t want to inconvenience them on Christmas morning for crying out loud. They have kids and have their own plans which probably included a couple extra hours of sleep!

I think what stops me is pride. That might surprise you. It would appear that I am just being gracious but in reality I struggle to believe I deserve this kind of treatment. At its core, the problem is pride. I am too focused on myself in this equation. I am not willing to accept an extravagant gift from someone else, too proud to allow myself to be in that position of being served. Wow, that is a tough thing to admit.

Jesus was the greatest at doing this well. When the woman offered her perfume and tears for his feet and used her hair to dry them, he should have told her (from my narrow view), “Oh honey, don’t do that! My feet are way too dirty!” Instead, he simply accepted the gift in the same way it was given; with love and humility.

So, its Christmas with a whole bunch of gift giving. Be a good receiver today! I am confident that most of us understand how to give on this day, but many of us need help in receiving well! Practice: Instead of saying, “You shouldn’t have!” Say instead, “Thanks so much. That means so much to me.” Cool? Have an incredible day!

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