It’s your serve!

Last night, we celebrated volunteers, those who give of themselves in many different ways through our church. It was a great time! I especially love the way people responded after the dinner was over. They pitched in and helped with the clean up! They didn’t have to do it. They were the honored guests and yet they just couldn’t help themselves!

That is what it looks like to have a servant’s heart. People who get it, really get it, don’t have to be asked to serve. I remember back in the day, trying to get my kids to clean the house. It was like pulling teeth at times. They hemmed and hawed and procrastinated doing the simple job. They were being “forced” to serve. I am confident that even though they ultimately had to do it, it never became something that penetrated their hearts and helped them serve willingly the next time.

I do that! There are times when God is encouraging me to serve others in some way and I resist. Sometimes He prompts me to serve and yet it is in a way that is not comfortable or it is at a time I have already served a ton. I fight him and those urges!

Here’s the thing: Serving is a lifestyle! It is not a “coat” that you can determine when to put on or take off. It is part of the makeup of someone who is following Christ. There is no way to follow Him and not serve since that is in His nature, His DNA.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We still need to take care of ourselves as well or we won’t be ready to serve when the opportunity comes. That means we got to have balance. Just don’t forget that serving isn’t an option, it’s a natural response to a God who serves us!

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