Monday mornings. How do you feel about them? I know for me at times it is tough to get moving, to get my body out of bed, to get started! Today was one of those days. The bed felt so comfortable, the covers felt so warm, my wife sleeping (and softly snoring) beside me felt comforting! I didn’t want to budge. I turned off my alarm and lay there contemplating how good it would be just to stay there!

But, I had to move. My bladder demanded that I take the leap. My stomach reminded me that it was about time for a little refueling. The scheduled appointments forced me to jump from the protection of the bed to the big, bad world that awaited me. That first step is the toughest! I knew that the room was cooler than the bed. I knew that I was tired out from a long week. I knew that I had given my best last week and wondered why that was not enough. Why more?

The first step is always the toughest no matter what it is. It might be starting a new habit like working out or cutting out snacks or hanging out with God. It might approaching a person with whom you need a fresh start in your relationship. It might be going to a job you aren’t sure you like or tackling the bills for the week or preparing for a Christmas that won’t be the same as previous years. Regardless, the first step is what makes or breaks the rest.

So, here’s my advice. When taking the first step, pretend you are standing at the edge of a pool and jump! It is easier to take the step if you stop thinking and analyzing and simply jump! As soon as you make the move, you will find a force with you helping you keep stepping. If you jump to it, you have committed. If you gingerly stick your toe in the deep in, you may pull back and decide its too cold. Take the hardest step and see what happens. For instance, this morning, I “jumped” out of bed!

My experience has taught me that all the energy wasted in trying to talk myself into a decision could be better spent simply taking the leap off the cliff! And here’s the cool part. When you are confident that the “Jump Master” is coaching you to just take the first step, you can be confident He will be there through the rest of the journey! Jump! The water in the pool may be cold at first but you will quickly adjust! Jump! You aren’t alone! Jump! The ride is worth it! Jump!

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