License to live!

My wife and I feel like we are even more officially Arizona residents! I now have a little card in my billfold that tells me I am an Arizona guy! It also says that I can legally (and hopefully safely) drive a vehicle in the Grand Canyon state. It says that I can drive on this license until the year 2024… wow! I will be … a lot older then!

Have you ever thought about licenses? There are so many different kinds; driver’s licenses, marriage licenses, licenses to operate heavy machinery, gun licenses, pet licenses, nurses licenses (my wife had to have a new one for the state of Arizona), fishing or hunting licenses, even clergy licenses! Yeah, I have one by the way in case you are wondering!

I used to love watching the old James Bond movies. I loved the tag line for 007; a license to kill! It sounded so cool especially since he did it in so many different ways, hanging from off a car, skiing down a mountain, on a motorcycle, in a sauna. It was all make believe of course but the key was that he was “given permission” to be a lethal weapon.

What does a license do for us? According to the definition, it is a permit from an authority to do something or own something. So, what does that mean when it comes to our lives? What kind of license do we need to really live? Or better yet, why are some people simply not living? I guess if I think about it, the ultimate authority in my life is God. It is this God as Paul says to the folks in Athens that “gives life and breath and everything else.” Jesus said that he came so that “we may have life and have it to the full.”

We have been given a license to live. So, are we? Are we squeezing from life all that we can? Are we experiencing all that God wants us to experience? And, are we giving to others all that has been given to us?

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