Out of storage

Last night my wife and I got the Christmas decorations out of the box. Wow, what an endeavor! I put up the tree while she decided which decorations would go where. We also begin the debate. It involves the decorations that will have the honor to be displayed and which will stay in the box. For years, we accumulated a ton of stuff and now we are trying to simplify our lives by decreasing the stuff. Our children have taken some of the Christmas stuff with them. Realizing that this is true produced another set of emotions as we became a bit nostalgic. Our babies aren’t babies anymore!

This is where I have to be honest. My wife is the one who is really trying to decrease the number of decorations displayed. I am still in the camp that believes that “bigger is better” and “more is cool.” There are two sets of decorations I wanted to put out: the Dickens village and the Precious Moments nativity set. The Dickens village takes a ton of time to put out to make it look just right. The Precious Moments set takes very little time to place. So, to help the cause, I chose to put out the nativity set! I may want to be helpful but I also am very practical!

My wife was afraid that this particular nativity set might be in the way of guests and might be broken as a result. In thinking about that, I said one of the few profound things I have said in a long time, “So what if it gets broken. Isn’t it better to display it and have a potential accident than for us to simply store the stuff in boxes year after year?”

How many of us are doing that with our “stuff?” We are keeping our “precious moments” locked away in boxes. And, I am not just talking about things we own. I am talking about our inner stuff, our lives. Why don’t we get real and share our lives? Why don’t we let the real stuff inside of us out for others to see? Sure, they might break us! But, it’s better than the alternative.

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