Party on, dudes!

I love parties! I love celebrations! I love to get together with folks and enjoy good food, conversation, and laughter. There is something cool about simply being together! I had the opportunity yesterday to go to two parties. What a great day for a person like me who considers himself a party entrepreneur.

The first party was with a group that is mostly in their sixties, seventies, and eighties (a few in their 90’s as well)! If you want a party with good food, then you need to check this group out. They had the best food and those desserts! Wow! Let me tell you, spoken as one of the youngest at the party, they know how to party! They enjoy being together and its contagious. I loved listening to their stories from the past; tales of how they met their spouse or what life was like when they were younger, and how Phoenix has changed! Mary and I got some tremendous hugs from these folks who are living life to the full!

The second party was with a group of kids and their families who were receiving some gifts for Christmas. These kids had dads or moms or other family members in prison and would not be getting much for Christmas if it weren’t for the graciousness of folks in our church. So, there was a moon walk for the kids and their families to jump in, there was decorations to make, reindeer candy canes to take home, games to play, and hot dogs and chili and delicious cornbread for everyone to eat. And of course those cool shaped Christmas cookies to frost. I love those cookies! Some of the kids took their time in decorating cookies and did a wonderful job. I was more interested in slapping on a quick “paint” job and shoving it in my mouth! Yum-yum!!

The people who took charge of this event were folks from our recovery ministry. These are people so filled with thankfulness for where they are now compared to where they used to be, that they naturally give back to others. They are living life to the full!

So, I hung out with both young kids and shall we say “more mature” folks, and went away with one thought: God wants us to party! He wants us to understand how rich life can be and to enjoy it! And when we do that, we help others catch a glimpse of what life could be for them!

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