Prep Work

We did it! We finally had guests over to our home. So, we decided since it was our first opportunity to “entertain” folks in our home, why not go for the mother lode. Last night, we had a small party for about 29!

It was a great time but it did involve a ton of preparation! My wife was baking and cooking while the “honey do” list for me was as long as my arm. We still had several things to get out of boxes in our new home! In particular, we unpacked our Christmas stuff. We had shopping and cleaning and straightening and fixing and organizing and more cleaning!. It took a great deal of time and effort to get er’ done! My back is reminding me this morning of the reality of the situation.

It is interesting to me how much of life is in the prep work. The preparation is almost always much longer than the actual event. I might spend 8-10 hours preparing for a talk I am doing that will be only a half hour in delivery. I might wait in line at the amusement park for 30-45 minutes for a ride that will last only a couple of minutes. I might study for an exam for a class several hours and it will only take an hour or less to take. (Of course, there have been those times when I didn’t study at all! Not a good story!!)

Think about it. We are making our preparations for Christmas, shopping, selecting, wrapping all the gifts that will take only a few seconds to unwrap. Or, some of us prepare for a wedding for months and it will be over in a couple of hours. We are constantly preparing for one thing or another!

The boy scout motto is “be prepared.” It’s important to prepare in life. However, we have to be careful that we also enjoy the moments we are preparing for once they arrive. We can, if we are not careful, simply do all the prep work and have nothing left in the tank for the actual party! Some people are preparing through education for a job someday and yet when they finally finish and get the job, they don’t like it! Prep is important but it means nothing if doesn’t lead to something worthwhile!

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