To tell the truth

I read this morning a note that was a vicious attack on someone I love. They did it in a cowardly way through a anonymous note. It was made worse because it was made by someone in the church I serve. It grieved me to the core! First of all, because it was done maliciously without intent for anything good! Secondly, it was done in the midst of a worship experience! Thirdly, this person attacked a friend! Now, that really ticked me off! The person is fortunate that I don’t know who wrote the note.

I was also reading this morning in Psalms 15 and saw some words that resonated in my spirit. It said to “speak the truth with sincere hearts.” That felt good! But, it is isn’t easy. It takes a lot of guts to speak the truth since many folks don’t want to hear the truth. In fact, I have to be honest. I don’t like the truth sometimes. It challenges. It reveals. It exposes. It hurts.

Actually, the key is the second part of the phrase. You have to have a sincere heart. The dictionary definition of sincere is “free from deceit or pretense; proceeding from genuine feelings.” For us to become sincere we must dive deep into the healing power of God. Once we open our hearts to Him, we learn to trust our hearts! God says our hearts are good! If our hearts are speaking truth, our words will be motivated for the good of the other person. It won’t come out of us like an attack. In fact, the truth we speak has already done its work in us. We have owned the truth we speak and allowed it to change our hearts, our attitudes, our actions!

I guess the lesson is to make sure we are speaking the truth! It isn’t truth if it comes from an ugly source. It isn’t truth if it comes from false motivations. It isn’t truth if it doesn’t come from a humble, broken, and restored heart! I can only hope if you are reading this today, you are looking at your own heart and allowing the truth to work its magic. It is with me!

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