3D world

My daughter and I went to the movies yesterday. We went to see the new movie Avatar that was in 3D. We picked up the tickets, the popcorn (a “must” at any movie viewing), some drinks, and our special 3D glasses. I wasn’t really keen on watching a movie wearing glasses for almost 3 hours (a very long movie).

But, once I put those glasses on, I began to see things in a new way. The people, the scenery, the animals, seemed to literally jump out at me. The movie itself is very visually attractive in its own right, but the 3D aspect added a whole new piece to it. At times, it felt like we were part of the picture as images seemed to be right before our eyes!

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get special glasses to see the world the way that God sees it? I think we get to see only small glimpses of the vibrant colors around us and most of the time we miss it.

Driving home from the movies, we saw the wonderful colors of the sky as we experienced one of those amazing valley sunsets! Most people probably have gotten used to it and just keep driving. And honestly, we can only see it with our limited eyes. We still are amazed and of course had the opportunity to share it with our daughter. Wow! What a treat!

What if we could see people the way God sees them? I think often we drive by them and simply miss all kinds of opportunity to connect. What if we opened ourselves to the vibrant colors of people and could see through the eyes of God?

I think I need some new glasses!

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