Art speaks

As I have gotten older, my tastes have grown. For instance, I used to hate onions and now I really dig them. I also like different kinds of salad dressing and I used to just eat lettuce plain and simple with maybe lemon juice sprinkled on it. Still can’t stand anything that has mayonnaise or mustard in it and I don’t think coffee will ever grow on me. But, who knows?

One of the areas, my tastes have expanded is in the world of art. Now, I would not call myself an art aficionado but at least I am discovering a world beyond “dogs playing poker.” Although, I still get a kick out of that “painting” for some reason.

One of the artists I have been introduced to is Monet. You know he has to be pretty cool if he is called by one name and you know who I am talking about. And yes, I know that it may seem like I am a bit behind the curve when I am just recently learning about the art of Claude Monet and he was painting in the 1800’s. Better late than never to get a little cultureI tihnk .

I have included one of his pictures below:

I love this painting since you can almost see the lady’s dress moving and there is something about his use of colors. Monet was able to paint in such a way that he created motion without using video. Pretty incredible really!

Art reminds me of how the creator placed in us a bit of His creative abilities. That means different things for different folks. Some can make music, some can figure out mathematic equations, some have a flair with decorating, some can understand how to build a house, some can see a vision and lead others to embrace it. And, the list goes on and on. We all have been given that spark of creativity.

So, when I look at this art piece, I ultimately see God. God is crying out from the canvas trying to get our attention. He made us in His image and as we create beautiful things, He speaks. You just have to look at your kids

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