Blinded by the light

I am sitting in my office staring out my one large window onto the world. My window looks out to another building so the view is less than superb. However, I am allowed to receive the benefit of the sun shining on my day. I lack natural lighting so that is pretty awesome.

In my window are some basic horizontal blinds. I think they are called Venetian blinds apparently because some Venetian dudes were given credit for introducing blinds in Europe. I guess they got tired of people peering in their windows as they poled along the waterways of the floating city of Venice.

The purpose of the blinds is to determine how much from the outside you want to let in and how much from the inside you want the outside to receive. Make sense?

You are given a few options. You can raise the blinds completely and give free reign back and forth from the outside world. People who do this run the risk of “too much exposure” but gain the benefit of total access. You can keep the blinds down but horizontal to the earth and allow great access back and forth but with a little discretion created by the slats.

Blinds also allows a readiness to close them when the “sun” is too bright or when you just want to shut the outside out. You also of course have various degrees of openness as you adjust the blinds. The final choice is to simply shut it all down. But, the interesting thing about that approach is that most blinds still allow a little light in.

I think people are like blinds. We tend to fall along a continuum from totally open to totally closed when it comes to our relating with people. Where do you fit?

Are you the type that tries to let people see only a little but also limits how much you see of them? Or, are you the type who takes the “blinds” totally up allowing maximum exposure both ways? Probably, you are somewhere in between. How about your relationship with God? How open are you there? Remember, there is a reason they are called “blinds.”

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