I love people! I want to admit it loud and clear. I really love ‘em! I love their uniqueness, their energy, their passions, their character and more. I finished spending about eight hours or so over the course of last night and this morning with a group of 20 people and it was incredible!

We were busy on a specific task, planning sermon series for our church, but there was something else I received from my time with them in addition to their time and creativity. I received community! I received a gift that I need so desperately; the gift of belonging!

This group of people energized me on many different levels. It came in the silly comments and the good natured ribbing. It came in the natural way we celebrated. It came as we gathered to worship and pray together. It came as we hid from one of our guys when he was in the restroom. It came as we ate some grub.

I really had a great time just being “present” with these folks who I know care about me. And honestly, I care about them too. It makes me anticipate the next time I get the opportunity to connect with them.

Here’s the point. We really do need each other. That is more than a cliche. I need others and the cool thing is they need me too!


  1. Mona

    Being needed is a really good feeling to all of us!! I think it is so cool how God made us so needy so we will need Him!! You glad you feel needed and accepted!!

  2. Dorothy

    community in the good times and bad times is what we ALL need….times when we can share the silly as well as the spiritual reminds us that God is with us in all things….connecting in each of the circumstances we face helps us feel closer not only to each other, but to God as well.

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