Getting ready

It’s Sunday morning! That means that I have an opportunity to join with some folks and worship. i look forward to this time of connecting with God in a faith community. I get this cool chance to not only draw nearer to God but also draw nearer to others in this unexplainable way. Worship allows all of these great connections to happen all at one time.

As part of this community worship, I have the honor of sharing a little bit from God’s word. I am a teacher! I have to admit, it feels like a daunting task! I often feel totally inadequate for the job. It isn’t that I am not prepared. I am. It is just this sense of how important it is. LIves are at stake. There is a community to be reached. There are people who need to stretch and grow.

So, I sit here this morning preparing. It isn’t the normal kind of “getting ready.” I mean sure, I am going over the words I am about to communicate. But, more than that, it is getting my spirit ready. I am centering myself in my relationship with God. I am reminding myself that He is with me. I am laying myself before Him and asking Him to speak first to me.

I have to watch out that I don’t speak out of my own ego. It is a great temptation for a teacher. You can get caught up in trying to make the people like you or think you are with God, its pointless!

So, here is how I am preparing. I am letting the words get inside of me. I am allowing God to search my own heart. I am wrestling with God and seeking that next step in relationship with Him. I am focusing on the goal.

I think that this may be something we all need to consider. Before we run out to save the world, we better be sure we are where we need to be. God is speaking. Are we listening?

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