Grocery store shopping. How does one get good at it? There are usually three or more types of shoppers in my observation.

There are those planners who go to the store with coupons at the ready having planned their entire adventure from beginning to end to maximize the productivity as well as cost savings. These folks might go to multiple stores during this “grocery safari” and will only shop a couple times a month. They fill their carts to the brim and at times require a second cart.

There are the “list” shoppers. These guys often make a list shoppers when supplies begin to get a bit low on Cheerios or Downy or Eggos. They add items to the list during the week and when the list looks full enough, head to the store. They will use a coupon if it is readily available and tend to go to one store, their favorite store.

There are the “Oops, we are out of milk” shoppers. These dudes go to the store looking for that one item and come out of the store with twelve. They tend to pick up other items “that come to mind” as they randomly walk the store. They go to whatever store is handy. No loyalties. They are spontaneous shoppers. Some are concerned about the bargains and won’t pick something up unless it is marked down or they simply have an overwhelming “hankering.”

I tend to fall into the third category. But, I am very selective, most of the time. I look for the bargains. Unless, I shop on an empty stomach. Then, all bets are off! By the way, have you ever bought something that you really didn’t need, but it was such a sweet deal you couldn’t pass it up? Yikes! The danger of spontaneous shopping.

I know that there are more categories than these three but I think you can mix and match these three to get the various hybrids of grocery shoppers. Some prefer big mega stores for mega supplies like a “Sam’s.” Some prefer fresh food or all natural foods they can get at a corner market. Some keep their refrigerators full to the brim and some are minimalists with only a few staples leaving tons of open spaces.

I think grocery shopping parallels church shopping and maybe even “God shopping.” Do we wait till we are out of supplies to seek Him? Do we fill up on big events and then hope that will last for the month? Do we faithfully go to God day by day and week by week as the supplies run low? Do we get involved in the mega church or do we dig the local corner church with less supplies but more individual attention?

What do you think? And by the way, we are out of celery!


  1. Dorothy

    I think many of us do a bit of each at different stages in our life….some because they don't know what they want/need and some because they just like to "shop around".

    Out of celery??? Check in the veggie drawer or the back of the fridge.. don't know about you but sometimes I buy so much I completely forget what I have (although I just KNEW I needed it when I bought it!)

  2. Mona

    Okay you totally crack me up!! I have to say you could write for Seinfeld!! You have such an awesome sense of humor and then can tie it in with our feeling for the church and God. Amazing how you take everyday stuff and use it. So glad that God sent you to us!! I hope that we are able to keep up with you!!
    I say maybe we should send out coupons or buy one get one free cards for church.. Maybe that will give people an excuse to try us…

  3. Dorothy

    Yup….Mona, I agree with you 100%….I mentioned several months ago that these blogs need to be collected and published in a "words of wisdom" book….

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