Mo… what is it? In classical definition, momentum means the impetus created by a moving object. But, that just gives me the general idea but doesn’t really explain how it works.

Watching football is a good study in “mo.” For instance, yesterday I was watching the NFL playoffs. One team by the end of the game was statistically the better team.

On paper they should have won. The difference was that the team that should have won made mistakes at just the wrong moments. Near the end of the game, in spite of the errors, they still had a chance to win.

But, one final error by the aging quarterback changed the flow of the end of the game. Another final error in overtime led to the ultimate conclusion: Minnesota lost. The “old man” couldn’t pull it off. He couldn’t make up for negative “mo.”

So, there is negative and positive “mo.” The key is to figure out which one represents you. My short research watching football games suggest two things that have to happen to win the game: First, you have to avoid fatal errors. And, secondly, you have to work together with other toward the goal.

This basic formula for maintaining positive “mo” is pretty much the same for football teams, churches and even our own lives. A moving object is tough to stop! Get moving toward the right goal, join with others who can help you get there, and stay away from stupid distractions. Roll on!

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