Money, money, money!

I woke up this morning with money on my mind. That is not as pleasant as waking up with “Mary” on my mind or as the song goes “Georgia on my mind.” I really don’t have any reason to think about Georgia, although the state does have great pecans and peaches. Regardless, the realities of money issues disturbed my morning snooze.

The shower helped to wash away a bit of my worries, the “Wheaties” I shoved down my throat relieved my stomach ache and my time with God helped me to refocus. But, I couldn’t completely let go of my financial concerns. Moving here to Phoenix has been fantastic as I have embraced this new leadership position! However, we had counted on Mary easily finding a job in her chosen field of nursing. Unfortunately, that has been a dry gully so far.

Add to that, my concern for the financial issues facing the church I lead, and you got one juicy ulcer in the making. So, what do you do with the worry bug when she bites? I am not sure if the bug is male or female but it just sounds better to call cars, boats, and bugs by a female name. I know, I am plenty weird!

Money worries! They may be the worse kind of worries next to health issues. In the past, I would get angry with the people closest to me even though it wasn’t really their fault. I was just looking for an outlet for my fear. I am doing better with this although my wife would admit that I still have a ways to go.

It can be doubly frustrating when you feel you are doing your best to seek solutions. You are tightening your belt, searching for alternatives, examining your priorities and more. And sometimes, stuff happens. You lose your job, the car breaks down, the kids need braces, and the electric bill goes up.

What do you do? Obviously, you have to make sure you are doing everything you can do. That will probably involve changing your spending habits. But, with the stuff you can’t control, there are no easy answers. Sometimes, you have to bury your pride and ask for help. Other times, you have to “batten down the hatches and weather the storm.” No matter what, don’t allow it to become a wedge between you and others close to you. And, yeah, that whole “time with God thing” doesn’t hurt either!

No matter what, don’t go it alone! Let others in on your stuff!


  1. Dorothy

    As you so often do, you managed, once again, to take a topic that so many people are dealing with—one that is harder than most to put on the back burner while waiting for things to improve—-and you bring a little "sanity" to the topic.


  2. Mona

    Money, Money, Money, Money MONEY!! I remember the lyrics of an old song but this is all I can seem to remember… Must be my hard drive is full. Worrying about money seems to be one of the things I do best!! We have always struggled financially and that is okay with me. It has really taught me how to be so thankful for taking a walk with my hubby. Watching TV with my kids. Playing/watching a softball game. Things that don't cost hardly anything I love to do. Now throw in sharing a meal with friends priceless. The bills somehow get paid before shut off and life goes on.

  3. Micaila

    …and to that we say…"FPU is coming!" Bringing with it God's word and HOPE for our furture!
    (shameless plug!)

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