More than window dressing

Yesterday, we spent the day discussing a new website. A friend is in town who specializes in building websites and we are trying to build a new one for our church. We are trying to do it as inexpensively as possible as well as making it as high quality as possible. I have learned that it is tough to bring those two things together, but I am an optimist!

So, I wanted Dave to experience some of the local flavor of Phoenix. So, I took him for lunch to Chino Bandido, a famous restaurant near our church. It offers Chinese and Mexican cuisine mixed together in a unique way that has made it a popular spot in the city.

The restaurant itself isn’t very pretty from the outside and sits in the middle of a quite common strip mall. Actually, I am being pretty gracious calling it “common.” A better word would probably be ugly. There is nothing in its decor on the outside or inside that would indicate something of value.

But, once you go up to the counter with your order form, you begin to understand why people like it here. First of all, if you are new, they take the time to help you find out what you might like. They give you various tastes of dishes based on whether you like it mild, spicy, or super spicy. They take the time to answer your questions. Then, you order and they bring your food to you.

The food doesn’t arrive in any fancy packaging but the food is really quite good. And they wrap up the meal with a homemade snicker-doodle cookie. Who could say “no” to a snicker-doodle?

Shouldn’t this be what people experience when they to our church or if they simply come into our presence individually? Isn’t it most important that they experience good “customer service” and quality “food?” Clean clothes and clean restrooms are important but they aren’t the main thing. Our lives are supposed to be more than outward appearances. What’s the substance?

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  1. Mona

    Nice "food" for thought!! I am so glad you took Dave to Chinos!
    The last 2 paragraphs of your post have made me think alot of North Hills. The food we are serving is the "Bread of Life". Our "Customer Service" is how we treat others when we are there or new comers. Or if someone has been missing do we contact them or do we even know that they haven't been coming?? I Love North Hills more and more everyday!! They truly are so special to me and my family and I hope and pray that they know in their hearts how special and how much I love them.

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