New Season

Last night my daughter called us to tell us some good news. She is down in Florida with her boyfriend and his family. Somewhere in the middle of Disney, he proposed to her and she accepted! Our little girl is getting married!

We think that her fiance is an incredible young man and we are excited to add him to the family. So, from the standpoint of her choice, we couldn’t be more pleased. Jonathan cherishes Mindy and I know he will give willingly and sacrificially to her. He will encourage her growth. They are a fantastic match!

However, from a few purely selfish, “Jim-focused” thoughts, I recognize that this is the beginning of the end of an era in our lives. I feel a little older this morning. This will be our last child to jump out of the nest. It kind of takes my breath away to think about it. In my mind, I still remember the days when all the kids were with us under one roof! I still secretly long for those days.

But, life is not stagnant. It keeps moving. Time doesn’t stand still. Of course, we all know this but we occasionally need to be reminded. There are exciting new days coming our way. Yes, they will be different. But, that is why it is an adventure! Mary and I have new vistas to explore in these “empty nest” years. And, the kids will eventually have children. Grandchildren! That will be awesome. (No pressure kids but I can’t wait!)

So, time to change my perspective on these changes! Time to realize that my “50’s” will be incredible! Time to grab hold of all the new adventures coming our way! Time to trust God in the middle of the uncertain future!

I may not be ready for the rocking chair yet but I know where it is parked just in case I need to rest for a couple of minutes! Until then, bring it on!


  1. Dorothy

    CONGRATS… happy for all of you!

    Life does indeed keep moving. As much as Don and I love our kids, we have discovered that the "empty nest years" are exciting times as well as times of adjustment. Welcome to the empty nesters club!!

  2. Mona

    Congrats to all of you!! What an awesome adventure we call life. Don't tell my kids but I quietly am excited for the day when it is just Vince and I!!

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