Oh the games people play now

I have an observation to make about games. Having spent the week playing cards, watching college football, and playing several other games, I feel like an expert in game playing. Here is the observation: It isn’t the big losses that hurt the most; it’s the close calls!

That’s my informed opinion! I watched some football games that were blowouts and the losing team just tried to keep a little pride. I had a few games of Rook that were over very quickly. In those games, you walk away motivated. You want to prove that you are better than that. “Wait till next year” or “Wait till next game” is the common cry.

It is the game that you know you should have won that really stings. Those games you know in your heart if you had just made one different move, the win wold have been yours. You recognize a fatal error you made at the wrong time that tipped the scales. Or, it was a series of little misses that cost you and your team.

Here are some things that I learn from “games.” Don’t let the game play you! It is a game after all. Yeah, some games have bigger ramifications than others but the key is still to have fun! So, keep some perspective and don’t let the game loss ruin your day (or your life when talking “bigger” games!)

Also, play to win, don’t play not to lose. Do you know the difference? It is a lot better to lose while you are giving it your all versus trying not to lose and allow the other team to win. Don’t play it too safe in other words.

Finally, don’t play stupid. Don’t let cockiness or greed get the better of you. This is the balance to the “play to win” idea. A win is a win is a win, if its by one point or by sixty. In our attempt to get more than we should, we could end up blowing it.

Alright, that’s about it. Unless of course we realize that “game playing” can teach you a lot about life. How are we playing the game of life?

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