Popcorn frenzy

I love movie theater popcorn. I love it maybe more than the movies themselves. I love to eat it covered in butter. I am not sure why but it just tastes better at the movie theater.

I can buy a bag and pop it up at home and it just doesn’t seem the same even when I buy Orville’s movie theater popcorn. The microwave oven just doesn’t create the same masterpiece. It might be the fact that at the theater it is popped in that big greasy popper and it comes out loaded with all that extra stuff from the pan!

My wife and I usually get the biggest bag they offer and we often can “down” it and go back for the free refill. When you are paying as much for the drink and the popcorn as you do the movie, you tend to get the best value for a buck.

Here’s the problem with movie theater popcorn loaded with butter and cooked in delicious grease: It sometimes leaves me with a stomach that is in rebellion. This morning is one of those times. We went to a movie yesterday and now I am paying the price.

I might have added to the situation by first of all eating a good Italian meal of pasta layered with a cream sauce and half of loaf of Italian bread soaked in peppered oil. Then, I got the popcorn. I wasn’t even hungry but I had to buy the popcorn.

I even went over to the place you can add extra butter and soaked the “corn” in it. Something inside compelled me. And I had to buy the super colossal drink to go with it as well. I am not sure but maybe that did me in.

Now, I could talk about a lot of things based on this admission including compulsive eating and its dangers. But, I think the bigger issue is my inability at times to say “no” to all kinds things I want or like. They will always look good but they aren’t always worth it in the long run. Or, the timing may be off.

Eating greasy, buttered, theater popcorn can be just fine, from time to time, as long as I do so in moderation. Careful observation on what is on the front end and back end of my popcorn scarfing will help. I will try to do better to avoid the extremes.

So, if you see me someday with a big bucket of popcorn, please don’t judge me! Instead, help me eat it!!

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  1. Mona

    Would love to help you eat your popcorn although I will need Jr. Mints to go with mine…

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