Yesterday I made a mistake. I was washing some clothes and inadvertently stuck something pink in the middle of a load of white colored clothes. I washed them in hot water. You probably predicted that I had more than one “pink article” by the time the wash was completed.

I tried to “fix” the problem by washing the mostly white clothes once more, this time with bleach. I figured it could “cure” the problem. Not so. So, if you see me someday wearing a pink T-shirt you will understand why.

This made me think of my life and how often I do the same thing. I allow one little thought or attitude into my otherwise “clean” life and wham, it affects the entire batch. I try to fix it myself. It doesn’t work. I need help.

That is where God comes in. He is the only one who has the “professional” credentials necessary to take care of the stain. I am trying to remember that. I also am trying to be watchful for this inadvertent stuff that can sneak in the back door of my life.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t take care of my “pinkish” clothes. No problem. I look good in pink! (Or, I am just in denial)

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  1. Mona

    I first of all love the fact that you do laundry.. My hubby does the laundry and I think that there is nothing greater!! You guys rock!! We have alot of "different" colored things and that is okay!! It is clean even if it is stained. It is such a good thought about God and stains I think we sang a song Sunday about that!! There is no "stain" too dark or big for Him to clean…

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