I enjoy playing softball with the guys from church. It is fun to get with them and I honestly enjoy their company. They are a great group of guys! They are fun to play with win, lose or draw. But I have to admit, I like to win more.

Somehow or another when I step on that field the competitive juices start to flow. I try keep my focus on just having fun and just enjoying myself. After all, I have been at this kind of thing for a long time.

But, I still want to win. That isn’t all bad of course. Competition hones our skills and keeps us sharp. And friendly competition can be a great way to challenge each other and enjoy each other.

However, it can go too far. When it comes at the expense of others it can be destructive. There has to be a balance between our desire to win and just having fun. It can’t be a win at all cost kind of thing. Or, we will hurt others and we hurt ourselves.

By the way, our team won two games tonight! Still feels good even for an old man like myself!

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  1. Mona

    I love the ballfield!! I like the smells, sounds and feelings. It is one of my most favorite places after the beach. I feel very at home on the ballfield. To me it is a competition for myself. I am having fun although I truly don't like to loose but the competition lies with in myself. That is all I have control of. If I can still walk off the field and know that I did my best that is all I can ask. Win or loose. Especially since the majority of the girls I play against are half my age. Life is alot like this for me! Wish they had a coed team up there would love to play with you guys.

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