Connecting dots

I am super pumped today due to what took place yesterday! We had eleven people, kids, students and adults who were baptized. Hearing their stories, watching their friends and family gather around them, seeing them go under the water and come out to thunderous applause was so cool! That alone would make the day a winner!

In addition, we took an outreach offering for outreach projects including the Haiti relief efforts. In fact, we gave it all away! Everything that came in not designated for some other purpose will go somewhere else other than to meet our basic needs as a church. Wow! What a group of incredible people to step out like this!

And, at the end of the lively worship service, we had one more “icing on the cake” moment. We had a band of young guys (four guys from grade 4-6) play the Beatles song “Come Together.” All of their family members showed up and most of them are not involved in our church! Our community of faith were really into it which made them feel pretty special!

That was awesome enough but to add the “writing on top of the icing,” after worship, we went with some friends to a restaurant down the street, Chino Bandido. I have talked about this unusual Mexican/Chinese restaurant in past blogs. I didn’t have a chance to connect with the band members families after church since I was engaged with other folks. Guess who was at the restaurant? Wow!

So, I am really supercharged today with this amazing day! I am truly “wowed” by God and his goodness. I was particularly encouraged by the fact that God brought so many things together in such a synergistic way. He is the God of divine connections! He is consistently connecting people and bringing things together that cause me to marvel! Keep it up God!


  1. Dorothy

    It was quite a weekend….lots of ways to reach out to the community and each other!!! Can't wait to see what God has planned for us in the weeks and months to come!

  2. Mona

    I agree this weekend was "special". I am very proud to call North Hills "my church". We had something awesome with our youth on Sunday night. We went and meet with other Church of God Youth at Westside Church of God. It was unbelievable with that many youth coming together to worship and hear Gods Word. AWESOME WEEKEND….. (tired week)

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