Eli and Jesus

It was my day off so I thought I would watch the new movie “The Book of Eli.” It was quite a flick! I am not saying that it was all pure and lovely. In fact, there was a whole lot of dying in the movie in pretty grotesque ways.

But, a redeeming thread underlies the theme of the movie. Eli is protecting a book which we eventually discover is the Bible, in fact the last Bible around. I won’t tell you all the details in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Hollywood did pretty good with this one. Eli reads “the book” every day. He meditates on it and when asked “Why,” he shares that it is vital to his life. He also prays daily. Pretty cool promotion for prayer and Bible Study.

One of the best parts of the movie for me is when he realizes that he has been reading this book every day for 30 years and yet has not been “living” it.

Which brings up the question for me: what if we didn’t have the Bible in its written form anymore? What would we do? Would we still “live it?” Do we live it now? It is one thing to “know” the Bible, what it says. It is totally different to actually live the essence of the Bible which Eli says is doing more for others than self.

That is part of it. There is more of course. It is all wrapped up in following Jesus, loving God and loving others. Are we living it? If we are, even if the words are taken from it, the Word is still inside of us!

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