Enough is enough!

I woke up this morning with two things: a stiff neck and a conviction. The two are not related. At least, I don’t think they are. Hmmm, let’s check it out.

The first issue is a nagging little muscle soreness that began a couple of days ago. It might be due to how I slept one night or it could be a little bug going through my system. Who knows? I tried to “fix” it yesterday morning by going to the gym and working out the soreness. It didn’t work. Still there. Slightly worse!

The second issue was more an immediate, lightning bolt, decision I woke up with this morning. I noticed last night before hitting the mattress that I have a small hole in the back of one of my teeth; probably a cavity. My wife casually mentioned the large quantities of soda pop (that is what they call it on the east coast) I have been “kicking back” lately.

I pretty much ignored her but the dream (border line nightmare) I had last night convinced me. In the dream, my teeth were literally rotting and falling out of my head. So, I made the decision to go cold turkey and beat down my obsession with “sugar water.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work to simply cut back on my Pepsi or Coke intake. I have little resistance once the stuff hits my system. I eventually move from one 12 ounce can every couple of days to one 32 ounce soda fountain drink in the afternoon from Quiktrip to a 44 ounce refillable drink from Paradise Cafe first thing in the morning. At this point, I stop counting how many times I “fill er up.” I am hooked!

There are some things you have no control over in life like stiff necks. You can mask the pain with Ibuprofen but stiff necks just have to run their course. Trying to fix these on your own may only add to the pain. Get a hot water bottle and wait it out or go see your doc.

However, there are other things like habits that you must address directly and firmly. You might need help from others who hold your accountable to change the habit and it might even take some time to recover from the addiction but the key is a decision you make. Enough is enough!

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  1. Mona

    I can so feel your pain… I was addicted to Pepsi for a long time then switched to Diet Pepsi to try and get away from sugar and be healthier. I really enjoyed my diet Pepsi especially in the afternoon. Vince has not had any soda for almost 4+ years… I on the other hand have not had any for 6 months. Except for an occasional glass. I truly feel so much better although have not lost any weight because of it :( My drink of choice now is tea not sweatened just tea. You will be amazed how your options are really low now. Everyone serves soda although not everyone serves tea (unsweatened). Good luck on your journey and I hope your neck feels better…

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