Here birdie, birdie, birdie!

Birdies are wonderful animals! This time I am not talking about the magical flying creatures like robins, cardinals, humming birds, hawks, canaries, parrots, and the like. The only thing better than a birdie is an eagle… or maybe an albatross. Okay, by now you may have figured out I am talking about golf!

Today, I had a rarity for Jim: two birdies in one round. Unfortunately, that is not common for me. I am more adept at bogies, doubles, and … let’s just stop there. The reason I was able to get those two gems was my golf putter, the flat stick as it is often called. It was working for a change!

I love playing golf but it seems to be a bit more fun when I sink a long putt or make a huge drive or score better than I expected. It’s an exciting game where each hole means a new chance. If you can forget the bad that just happened on the last hole or not get too satisfied by the good that just happened on the last hole, you can achieve something new and good on this hole.

I think that parallels life. We should celebrate the victories and work through the negative moments. There is something good coming should around the corner. God is always taking lemons and making lemonade; taking mud and making mud pies; taking, oh well, you get the idea.

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