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What a great day we had yesterday! It was truly awesome!! God was working in some incredible ways in the lives of people during our worship gathering. I am thankful to Jen for sharing her story so authentically and so clearly! I know God is using her story to blow the lid off of lies in the lives of people, in particular women.

I would encourage you to go to the podcast of this message to hear her story in its entirety (

I shared a little of the campaign I am on to help women (men too) recognize they are truly beautiful. Too many women are defined by men, men who have let them down or in some cases have abused them with words or deeds. There are women who have never had a man give them attention without a hidden agenda.

It is time for the men of God to stand up and be counted! First we do that by refusing to treat women as objects no matter what our culture suggests! Instead, we should respect them as God’s precious daughters. We have an opportunity to help emphasize what God, the only objective point of view, is already trying to communicate with them: they are of incredible value!

So, what say you men? Will you join me?

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  1. Mona

    I thought Jen did great!! I am so sorry that anyone would have to be treated like this. So glad she choose to listen to God and not the lies! When you spoke Sunday about people using their "authority" in ways of hurting others it brought so many to mind. I know that there were and still are alot of broken hearts of people hurt by those in authority in church settings. I pray everyday that these people will not judge God by how "religon" has treated them. I pray for them to be able to heal from this very deep hurt.

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